Product Development

Product development now forms an established part of JMAN Group’s offering

Capability overview


Building analytical tools

Our cloud-based analytical tools provide lasting value even after the engagement is over.

They are custom-built, allowing clients to gain ongoing insight into the questions they care about.

These tools often follow targetted pieces of analysis, tackled from a consultancy perspective

The offshore team are then able to quickly build the logic & calculations into a more scalable technology

Some examples of our analytical tools are shown on our case studies page.


Building software products

Aside from analytical tools, we also support businesses to develop software products.

We follow an agile approach, initially delivering a minimum viable product (MVP), to allow value to be realised as early as possible.

Our consultancy background allows us to assist in logic development & to focus on the product’s core offerings.

Our flagship software project is Limber, a flexible staffing platform based in Bristol – see for more details.

For more examples, please see our case studies page.


Ongoing tech support

Beyond just building product & tools, we can also provided on-going tech support to clients.

We have experience both in maintaining & updating our own builds, but also in taking over and managing existing platforms.

For example, we manage the tech platform of the social mobility charity upReach, whilst working to improve its long-run capabilities.

In fact, we built upReach’s new website that can be seen here.

Some other examples are shown on our case studies page.