Case Study

The Task
To accurately consolidate specific hard copy data for 882 companies from a market website into a secure, searchable and editable database
The Challenge
  • Retrieving copies of scanned documentation from a market website
  • Extrapolating the relevant data and inputting that into a structured database
  • Migrating the database into a secure, easy-to-use, interactive web tool (portal) linking original documentation for verification
  • Ensuring accuracy of data entered
The Approach
  • A combination of technical and manual effort, using programming to automate specific part of the process
  • Wrote selenium programme to automate the request, receipt and storage of company share data
Set up
  • Scope and understanding
  • Administrative registrations
  • Write selenium programming
  • Design company folder structure
  • Register and design portal
  • Define quality control process
  • Implementation of Selenium program to automate the request, retrieval and storage of SH01 documentation
  • Building the secure portal using Django Python technology
  • Extrapolating the data required from SH01 forms and manually entering it into the database
  • Sense-checking the data
  • Performing calculations where required
  • Quality control
The Solution
  • A secure, easy-to-use, searchable & editable web tool housing the share allocation data Beauhurst wanted, in the format they needed it in
The Benefits
  • Saved time & money
  • A readily available library of SH01 documentation for 882 companies
  • A unique product enabling Beauhurst to run analysis on specific market data, draw insights and provide their clients with accurate market information
The Timeline
The Result
All Journalista’s deliverables are of a consistently professional look and feel; their staff are more efficient, consistently meeting the time quoted to deliver a project; employees are focused entirely on their core responsibilities; all employees are aware of their impact on the business and how to improve; Decision makers are clear on the direction of the company and have the tools which provide them with the information to help them make monitor, review and take action.
The Problem
Journalista wanted to standardise the look of their deliverables to their brand guidelines; improve efficiency to meet their quoted deadlines; help to review, improve & implement their businesses growth plan; and help developing a tool that provided specific business metric allowing them to make strategic decisions.
The Solution
  • The use of all components of JMAN Group
  • Imitor Graphica for the standardisation of documentation
  • JMAN Consulting for the development of a financial model
  • Aurum for the development of a bespoke, easy-to-use business web-tool presenting real-time business metrics
The Benefits
  • Standardised, professional, branded Jounalista deliverables
  • Financial model providing specific metrics to gauge business performance
  • A web tool that house the financial model synchronising an existing time-keeping system to deliver real time business performance metrics
The Timeline