…isn’t really something you can summarise in a few paragraphs. Every day is full, and no day is the same. I was assigned a project straight away, and attended my first client meeting in my second week. So no time to waste! At JMAN the pace is fast and the learning curve is steep, but the work is interesting and the team are always ready to help when you get stuck (there’s normally an Excel formula for that). The work stretches from market research and data analysis to strategy development and software design. Of course interns aren’t expected to know too much about all of these things straight away – the most important thing is that they are interested, enthusiastic and up for a challenge.

We are a small team in the London office so there is always something to get involved in alongside your projects. All interns and consultants are heavily involved with business development, and encouraged to pursue any activities that might enhance life at JMAN or the company brand. Last week, another intern and I arranged for us to sponsor a charity ball, designing branded t-shirts for the bartenders at the event and a special blue JMAN cocktail! Everyone here is keen to make JMAN the best it can be – a place that produces work of the highest quality while still being a fun and welcoming environment.

An eight-week internship at JMAN flies by, and will definitely leave you wanting more!

On starting my internship at JMAN, I wasn’t completely sure what sort of work I would be doing, but what I did know is that whatever it was, I would hit the ground running.

Straight away, I was put on a project, redesigning a website and CRM system for a client. The client wanted a completely new website that was easy to navigate and a way to keep track of customers’ details and activities. I got to work with another JMAN employee to scope this out, before we met with our client. I am now working with the team in India, building the website and member database on top of a variety of other projects.

Having finished my internship, I think that it is safe to say that there is no typical day as an intern at JMAN, but with each day, there are opportunities to help grow the company. This is something I really enjoyed, and I quickly knew that I wanted to work at JMAN full-time.

I particularly enjoyed the variety of projects and the significant responsibility I was afforded. It was also clear that I was working alongside really bright, driven individuals who share an ambition to get JMAN recognised as world-class.

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