Empowering organisations

to accelerate

performance through data.


Our Standpoint

We believe the ability to effectively exploit data to enhance human judgement and decision making will be the biggest differentiator in business performance over the next decade and beyond.

What We Do

We specialise in helping our clients to grow and leverage the value of data to achieve better outcomes, both financial and non-financial. This includes developing and delivering analytical solutions, as well as helping to develop in-house capabilities. Whilst our approach is data-centric, we bring a broad toolkit to help clients engage with everything required to turn insight into improved performance.

Who We Are

Bringing together consulting and technology is at our core. Our international team is a unique blend of consulting, analytical and software engineering expertise, working with a common philosophy and language throughout. We engage closely with our clients, move fast to find value, and iterate quickly to shape solutions.

Who We Work With

We work with organisations across all sectors, from start-ups to FTSE 50 companies, including consulting partnerships.

Our Credentials

We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional outcomes at FTSE 50 companies, public sector organisations, start-ups and charities, including providing tailored solutions to world-leading data companies.


We apply our framework flexibly to any organisation, to help them evolve their own capabilities through data.

Data Vision

We work with clients to establish their data vision:

– Defining the ‘end-state’: How should the business look as a data-centric/data enabled organisation?

– What strategic outcomes will be enabled and how is business performance measured?

‘As-is’ analysis & gap assessment

– What is the current state vs the end-state

– Review all elements of the operating model from data perspective:

Client Outcomes

Improving SKU Ranging


Identified £1.7m of savings through optimising range sizes, assessed via profitability analysis of entire books estate (600 stores, 50k SKUs)

Management Software


Designed & developed application management software for a social mobility charity, to enable efficient scaling of operations & growth

Workforce Analysis


Identified rapidly emerging overtime and competitiveness of pay issues across specific locations, leading to excessive attrition rates

Data & BI Capability

Transport Group

Developed ~40 ‘use cases’ for better data & analytics use across operating company, designed new ‘Data & Insights’ team, influenced retail strategy

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