Applying to JMAN Group isn’t the same as applying to your typical consultancy; we don’t exclusively hire one type of person or screen CVs based on a single indicator. We hire smart and rounded individuals with diverse experiences. By having a team with variety of expertise we are able to develop unique solutions to each of our client’s challenges.

Given the fluid structure within JMAN, new hires and interns will find themselves immersed in projects within days. You will be working directly with Senior Consultants and higher, allowing you to learn rapidly from the very beginning. It’s this exposure and interaction that allows JMAN to deliver simple and unique data-driven solutions.

If you’re interested in working for JMAN Group and think you’d be a good fit for our growing team, please email: with a CV and covering letter addressed to Anush Newman.


Careers@JMAN Group London

  • Internships form an essential part of our recruitment policy.
  • They give an excellent opportunity for us to find out whether someone has the characteristics to do well at JMAN, as well as allowing them to test first-hand whether consulting is an industry they would enjoy.
  • We’re growing quickly, and our employees have the opportunity to shape the company’s direction from day one.

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Careers@JMAN Group Chennai

Wanted to be a part of a compelling future? You are in right place. Welcome to JMAN Group Chennai Family!

At JMAN Group Chennai, the organizational ambitions are tied with the satisfaction of JMAN Group Chennai family members. We support each other in work and growth.We collaborate and share problem-solving.

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Testimonials From Our Team

  • My internship lasted eight weeks, starting just after graduation in July 2015. I was trusted with the day-to-day running of an exciting project for a UK retailer, determining which items to stock in its stores. This included coordinating members of our big-data team, plenty of analysis using excel, and even a client meeting in my second week. I learned a huge amount in that short time, and most importantly did so in a fun environment where I felt truly valued.

    Lloyd Hilton JMAN Consulting, Consultant
  • I interned at JMAN Consultancy for six weeks during the summer of 2014, after finishing my final year of university. I hadn’t done any internships before (having worked on a farm the previous two summers!), and although I knew I would be doing a Masters the following year, had no plans for employment afterwards. I hugely enjoyed my six weeks, working on a project looking at how a sports governing body could better use the data available to it to achieve its participation targets set by Sports England. I was given instant responsibility for the project, and found it hugely rewarding. Having been offered a job at the end of the internship, I decided to take it and here I am!

    Rory Preston JMAN Consulting, Consultant

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