Business consulting and technology services providing agile practical solutions for early results and continuous value creations.

Connecting digitally to create streamlined data insights

Digital transformation to drive business values

Seamless digital experience for a customer with continuous, simplified,

and cohesive digital transformation operations.

We innovate products and solutions, reshape business boundaries, integrate digital enterprise solutions, and offer shared digital services that assists in quick and efficient software delivery and services to customers.

Our offerings include improved business process to increase revenue, reduce maintenance costs, improve customer relationships, strengthen product competitiveness, increase efficiency, generate quicker inquisitive reports, all-inclusive real-time access to information for better decision making, and personalized user interfaces.

Digital Business Model

We emulate human execution of repetitive processes with accurate and consistent results. Our solutions are elastic and flexible that you can ramp up and down on demand.

Our productivity and staff retention concepts frees up manual resources for more value added tasks. Our digital process automation concepts are evolved on low risk sophisticated algorithms and machine-learning tools.

Our offerings include intelligent process, secured devOps services, performance management, broader and faster communications, mobility & IoT.

Digital Business Model

With our digital data engineering capabilities, you can have a better decision-making experience, better key strategic initiatives, better relationships with customers, better sense of risk, and better financial performance.

Our offerings include big & complex data engineering, product engineering, and data driven insights.

Digital Business Model


Data analytics as a service, conversion products & connecting apps

for joining business information needs

JIN - Joining Information Needs

JIN is an Application Platform as a service (aPaaS) developed to streamline business process, generate competitive advantage and support stakeholders to work efficiently.

JIN is built using automation and cognitive computing to perform as a digital medium for administration, compliance, communication, meetings, learning and recognition.

Global Mapper is a simple and trendy product used for migrating or loading data from one application to another. No matter how different the data indicators are, with Global mapper, you can shift your data with accuracy and in no time.

Global Mapper combines, splits, merges, simplifies your old data and transforms it into format as expected by the new system.

Convert your data into intuitive graphs and reports instantly using aNalytica.

aNalytica interprets and delivers data into various forms of intuitive charts which help in increasing your business productivity by making better decisions quickly.

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Better Project definitions & Transformations

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