General and Consulting FAQ

1. What does a typical JMAN consultant look like?

Our consultants are bright and enthusiastic individuals from a range of backgrounds and experiences. One thing we all have in common is a desire to get stuck in and tackle new challenges head on! We are problem solvers and work together to apply this thinking to client and internal work alike. We are curious and creative, and are passionate about growing and contributing to an exciting firm!

2. What industries does JMAN Group focus on?

We are industry-agnostic – in the modern world, all organisations have data needs, whether that's to plan their next strategic move or to run their financial operations.

We work with a range of companies, from multi-national firms with thousands of employees to small charities to help them on a range of projects.

3. How does JMAN's Internship program work?

We hire into our internship programme all year round, and offer an 8 week internship. Our internship program is a chance for you to learn more about JMAN and the work that we do, and for us to get to know you.

4. What will I do on my first day?

JMAN consultants typically start by completing an 8 week internship - but this doesn't mean you'll be starting from the bottom!

From day one you'll be engaged on project work, getting up to speed with the technologies and areas we work in and taking responsibility for growing the business side-by-side with other consultants. We look for people who thrive on getting stuck in from the start, solving business and data challenges for our clients and embracing innovative ways to get there.

As well as client work, our consultants all get involved in internal projects too. We're growing quickly, and our employees have the opportunity to shape the company's direction from day one.

5. Do I have to have a STEM degree?

No - Our consultants come from a wide range of academic backgrounds, between us we've studied Philosophy, Biology, Spanish and Medieval Literature, to name just a few!

We look for logical thinkers who can apply this thinking and are inquisitive about problem solving, whether that's through enjoying doing the sudoku every day or through picking up an introductory coding course.

At JMAN, you'll be surrounded by a team that will support you and help you to grow and develop a broad range of skills, from core consulting principles to more technical coding languages!

6. What is the application process?

We accept online applications all year-round through our application system, found here. If selected, you'll be invited to participate in a series of interviews with JMAN consultants. These interviews will include a case study and numerical problem solving.