Internship Testimonial – Jamie Bristow

 In A Day in the Life of an Intern

…the first thing I do when I get into the office is catch up with the developers at Aurum, our partners based in Chennai who assist with the technical aspects of the work at JMAN. We’re currently building a tool to help predict book sales through analysing twitter data, so we update each other on the progress we’ve made, think through any problems and discuss ideas to take the project forward. I’ll continue to refine the metrics for measuring activity surrounding topics, whilst the Aurum team begin building the machine learning system we’re using to automatically determine the sentiment of tweets.

I’m on the project on my own – having the independence to drive the direction of your work is one of the most exciting parts of the internship, and from the first day you’ll be trusted as a safe pair of hands. I found this initially daunting but there is plenty of support from more experienced consultants. As an intern you’ll have someone assigned to look after you throughout your time at JMAN. They’re there to help you develop the core skills essential for work at JMAN, from communicating effectively to excel modelling, and are a sounding board for any day-to-day problems or questions you have.

From building a big data tool to analyse costs for 3000+ products across 500+ stores, to segmenting a customer base on their food preferences, you will likely have never seen the types of problems you’ll be faced with on your internship. The diversity of the work makes it difficult to describe a typical day. But getting stuck into challenging issues and thinking creatively to devise novel solutions, alongside a great team, is what I have come to enjoy most about working at JMAN.

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