Internship Testimonial – Matt Swan

 In A Day in the Life of an Intern

A day of an internship varies tremendously depending on one’s skills and experience so I would recommend it to anyone who is particularly interested in JMAN’s work, regardless of background. There are some fundamental core skills that require training, particularly Excel modelling, but aside from that it is very much a program that can be tailored to the individual upon starting their internship.

I joined as an Experienced Hire so was expected to see clients from day 1, which was sometimes challenging when coupled with the steep learning curve on some of the more technical skills! The projects I worked on gave me experience across the typical Management Consulting spectrum, from model building and detailed analysis to more qualitative operational improvement work. Aside from the project work, all employees (including interns) are expected to support the development of the Business and there are some exciting initiatives in marketing and recruitment.

The team at JMAN were superb throughout the internship, pushing me to challenge myself but also being on hand to support when needed. I’m delighted to be returning as a full time member of the team at the start of 2018.

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