Meet Our People

Fraser Sym
At JMAN we put a big emphasis on taking responsibility and proactively seeking opportunities to improve our business from very early on. This, combined with the highly capable and enthusiastic team, makes for a very rewarding environment to work in. When you have a good idea, everything you need is available for you to make changes quickly - we are always striving for a culture of continuous improvement.
Jasneet Sian
On the first day of my internship at JMAN, I was whisked into a client meeting with Anush (our managing partner) and one of the managers! It was a great lesson in getting stuck in and giving new things a go – something that’s stayed with me over my two years at JMAN.


Christian Davis
Whether it be commercial analytics, data strategy or software development, the opportunity to constantly learn new skills & acquire a range of experiences is second to none. At JMAN, we are building an exciting consulting business like not many others and as a result my three years have flown by!
Miraj Shah
At JMAN, you really are thrown in at the deep end, but fortunately you are surrounded by people who have been through the same experience! This provides an amazing opportunity to learn, and fortunately that hasn't changed as we have continued to grow and evolve as a business.


Natasha Mabon
Working at JMAN has been a great opportunity to experience new ways of applying data analytics within a wide range of industries. It has been exciting to explore the opportunities for businesses to maximise the value of their data whilst learning new analytical skills and developing my industry understanding. For recent graduates, the experience and learning opportunities that you get can't be matched!
Ed Bilclough
JMAN has given me a real opportunity to take ownership, with consultants being trusted with high levels of responsibility from day one. This has provided me with exactly the challenge I was after, to push myself and pick up a variety of new skills, whether presenting to CFOs or crunching through some modelling!



Mark Topham
My first few months at JMAN have been a huge learning experience, which was exactly what I was after when applying. I was thrown straight into a technical project upon starting, which was a great way to pick up new skills and develop understanding. A real highlight has been the opportunity to interact with the team in Chennai on a daily basis and learn from them!

Our Values