JMAN Challenges the Tech minds to constantly innovate We are interested in knowing what you know rather than what you don't. Interact with us and get to know better about us and yourself.

Let's Chat

The first thing all you’ll have to do is apply for the respective position to schedule an initial level of discussion with one of our Careers Catalysts. You can use our Chatbot to clarify your queries instantly or feel free to write to us at recruitment@jmangroup.com

Mapping Competencies

We believe in competency based assessment and your application will be vetted in comparison with a thoughtfully laid out competency bank. Hurray! If your application matches our required competency, our Career Catalysts will get in touch to take the process forward.

Moment of Truth

We believe in discussions rather than interviews.

Our Career Catalyst will contact you and set up a mutually conducive time for a discussion with our Tech geeks and People managers. While we would meet our future prospects in flesh and blood over a Face-2-Face discussion, we are also comfortable over a video conference if that’s the last resort.

The Journey Begins

On successfully striking a mutual harmony, we will process the terms of cohesive working to embark on a delightful journey.

Our Accolades

JMAN Group’s commercial acumen, technical capabilities and flexibility solved problems that other consultancies couldn’t. They will always be my first port of call.

David McKinlay

Supply Chain Director

Partnering with JMAN was the best strategic decision we ever made, and has meant we’ve been able to delay hiring a CTO until out next investment round.

Richard Lees

Limber Co-founder