A how-to guide for SMEs looking to start a sustainability journey

For SMEs, it’s often difficult to find the right information to kick-start your sustainability journey. The goal of this article is to present actionable steps for how your organisation can set, track and reach its sustainability targets, based on the collective experience of The PSC and JMAN Group Sustainability teams.

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Ready, Set, Kickstart your data

Ready, set, kickstart your data!

Are you looking to leverage your data as effectively as possible, but uncertain where to begin? We have a simple two step process to help you to use your data to more effectively drive towards your business’ goals.

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One Year at JMAN

What do you learn in one year at JMAN Group?

Mina talks to us about the opportunities and training she’s had during her first year at JMAN Group and why she loves being part of a fast-growing, high-performance team.

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Publication 3

Breaking down barriers to data-driven HR

Data and analytics is transforming HR Data can be used to predict churn, track employee engagement, measure performance and leadership – the list goes on.

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Publication 4

Transform the way your Business uses Data in 30 Days

The term “Data strategy” is often used ambiguously to cover a wide range of plans and initiatives aimed at using data more effectively.

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Data as an asset


Through new technology and extensive developments in data science, businesses now have access to vast amounts of data.

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UK's leading management consultants


JMAN Consulting was mentioned in the Financial Times as one of the UK’s Leading Management Consultancy firms in 2019.

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