Promotions analysis for discount retailer
Recruitment strategy for legal services firm
Social listening for education provider
Targeted profitability and promotions analysis for a European discount retailer to drive the development of a data-led promotions strategy

  • Group wide promotions were being run without a full understanding of their impact on profitability
  • Client were looking to design a targeted promotions strategy to drive margin uplift
  • Understand the financial impact of promotions, using machine learning to generate a sales baseline
  • Identify opportunities to tailor promotions to specific stores and target increased profitability
  • Run a series of A/B tests to validate these opportunities, before a wider roll out of a new promotions strategy
  • Generated an additional €300k in gross margin by implementing a series of controlled A/B tests across a 10% of stores
  • Demonstrated the value of targeted promotions as a proof of concept for the business
  • Developed a recommendations tool to support longer term planning for promotions
Identification and analysis of the key drivers of employee value for a UK Law Firm, enabling a targeted recruitment strategy and billings forecasting

A UK-based law firm was looking to better measure the value of their employees, in order to:
  • Build a tailored recruitment strategy targeting high value prospective employees
  • Identify opportunities for value-growth in the existing employee base
  • Bring together data from a range of internal systems, creating a single source of truth for employee characteristics
  • Define and calculate the lifetime value of every lawyer, including forecasted value for all active employees
  • Conduct regression analysis to identify the key features driving employee value
  • Provided insight on existing employee value across the firm, including by sector and specialism
  • Informed targeted recruitment and onboarding strategies to attract and retain high value lawyers
A rapid, targeted "social listening" exercise to support a global education provider in identifying and addressing client concerns

  • A school conglomerate was facing significant changes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic; putting pressure on the management of client concerns
  • Parents had lodged a petition against the conglomerate, expressing concerns and seeking fee reductions
  • Motivations and major concerns of the signatories
  • Reception towards actions already taken
  • Steered responses within 24 hours by delivering an initial report on findings
  • Accurate, up-to-date insights were delivered to key decision makers, with the data and analysis refreshed on request
Data strategy for national rail operator
Data visualisation for sports charity
Data system review for recruitment consultancy
Data strategy development for a National Rail operator, targeting streamlined data collection and processing

Our client was looking to establish a streamlined approach to collecting, processing and learning from data. Key areas of concern:
  • Improving operational performance
  • Enhancing customer experience
  • Creating a sustainable workforce environment
  • A Data & Insights Team, with capabilities required to generate actionable reporting and insight
  • A roadmap to deliver the applications and automation needed to improve operational performance, enhance customer experience and improve sustainability
  • A capability framework, to establish internal data literacy and data-driven decision making
  • Set a clear roadmap to deliver the tools and internal capabilities required for real-time analysis and decision intelligence
  • Established an awareness of the “art of the possible”, including automation and more advanced and predictive analytics
Defined priority data use cases and built a proof of concept visualisation tool for a youth disability and sports charity, informed by a business-wide data and systems review

  • Our client was looking to support key business objectives – managing a sustainable income stream and improving social engagement through dynamic impact reporting
  • Limited awareness of the existing data landscape made it difficult to understand how data could support these objectives
  • Develop a detailed map of the data and system landscape, with a comprehensive data quality assessment
  • Identify the use cases where data could help the business to deliver against key strategic objectives
  • Prioritise use cases based on feasibility and expected business impact
  • Targeted insight and analysis delivered through establishing a better understanding of the data landscape, including data quality and capabilities
  • Built internal understanding of the value of data through a proof of concept visualisation tool
  • Initiated plans to deliver three priority use cases that targeted key business objectives
Delivery of a systems and process assessment for a Recruitment Consultancy, with solutions and prioritisation to help steer the changes required

  • Unconnected systems required time consuming, manual intervention to generate useful MI
  • Manual processes and antiquated systems were leading to repetition and inaccurate data
  • Non-standardised processes were resulting in lack of governance and heightened risk
  • Conduct a detailed assessment of internal systems and improvement opportunities
  • Develop a scalable systems and data management strategy to support minimisation of risk as the business grows
  • Supported operational changes through establishing a comprehensive understanding of existing data, systems and processes
  • Set out a roadmap to ensure the business could continue to make informed strategic decisions based on accurate and reliable data and insight
Online management tool for restaurant operator
Bespoke MI tool for a PE-Backed Benchmarking Firm
Profitability and Utilisation reporting for PE
Sustainable, data-driven insights driving improved profitability and optimisation of marketing for a UK restaurant operator, delivered via a bespoke, live MI tool

  • The operator wanted to use restaurant bookings data to inform a targeted marketing strategy, with particular focus on profitable promotions, discounting and strategic timing of campaigns
  • Data was available but poorly understood and stored by 3rd parties across disparate systems
  • Consolidate data into a “single source of truth” database
  • Inform immediate actions based on rapid, reliable insights from historical bookings data
  • Build a bespoke, online tool to enable ongoing insights and support planning and evaluation longer term
Live, actionable insight provided in a sustainable online management tool, enabling:
  • marketing strategy informed by data-driven insight
  • improved profitability through labour spend efficiencies
  • optimised promotional strategies
Enabled informed business planning based on deep, accurate insight by building a bespoke MI and reporting tool, and reducing report creation time from 100 hours to 100 seconds

  • The business was seeking insight to drive ambitious growth plans without building a dedicated analytics team
  • Needed timely, meaningful monthly finance and sales reporting across 10-15 entities
  • Extract data from across the business into a robust data cube, creating a single source of truth to underpin all business intelligence
  • Develop a bespoke reporting tool providing deep and accurate insight into performance metrics
  • Build in granular filters and drill down capability to identify and analyse under-performance in specific geographies or service lines
  • Enhanced and automated business intelligence, bringing together Finance, Sales and CRM data to create an accurate picture of business performance
  • Enabled informed tactical and strategic decision making based on deep, accurate insight drawn from a “single source of truth
  • Reduced the time required to create Management Information reports from 100 hours to 100 seconds
Delivered rapid profitability and utilisation reporting to support visibility and alignment on Board report metrics for PE-owned software business

  • Lack of visibility into how employees and contractors were spending their time
  • A poor understanding of effort worked on client projects resulting in inaccurate customer billing and lost revenue
  • Inconsistent views on true account-level profitability
  • Carry out a 2-week sprint to deliver analysis on key monthly profitability and utilisation metrics
  • Develop a “single source of truth” database, bringing together disparate enterprise data sources
  • Produce bespoke reporting outputs to support analysis of a range of performance indicators (project profitability, R&D costs, unproductive employee time, etc.)
  • Established a comprehensive understanding of true project margins and identification of non-profitable projects
  • Provided ongoing visibility over key profitability and utilisation metrics, supported by automated report creation
  • Enabled the CFO and COO to drive improved behaviours based on a better understanding of how employees were spending their time