Our Solutions

Commercial Insights

Commercial Insights

Data-led Commercial Effectiveness

Deliver greater revenue and margin, using data to support effective decision-making

Deploy advanced analytics to interrogate data & identify patterns, using insight to drive commercial effectiveness

Data  Advisory

Data Advisory

Data Strategy & Management

Provide a roadmap to deliver organisational growth through improved data capture and utilisation

Analysis and process design to establish effective management of data quality and enterprise architecture

Management  Information

Management Information

Data Visualisation & MI Apps

Automate existing reporting approach to effectively manage business performance

Enhance existing MI processes to increase breadth and depth of performance tracking and drive key business decisions

Optimised forecasting & predictive modelling

Intervention modelling using ML forecasting techniques to inform strategic decision making

Customer Lifetime Value

Improve revenues by maximizing overall customer spend and minimizing churn

Voice of the customer

Applying social listening techniques on publicly available data sets to deliver insight into market perception

Profitability and Utilisation Analysis

Understand the true utilisation and profitability of employees and customers

Single Source of Truth

Strengthen understanding of commercial position through data synthesis and cleansing

Strategic Roadmap Development

Data initiatives identified, prioritised and refined to create delivery roadmaps

BI Solution Advisory

Recommend tools and techniques to transform data into actionable insight

Enterprise Architecture Advisory

Functional requirements definition for systems that deliver sustainable MI

Data Quality Management

Analysis and process design for effective management of data quality

Data Value Assessment

A comprehensive assessment of a business’ ability to create value from data

Bespoke tools & BI dashboards

Apps designed around specific requirements, and owned by you

Access to real time insight

Ability to respond in the moment as things shift, leading to more agile and effective change

Ability to forecast and plan for the future

Accurate forecasting based on up-to-date MI to drive operational & strategic planning

Clear, concise insight on valuable KPIs

Accessible, intuitive visualisation of data and exportable reports against custom metrics

Decisions based on a single source of MI

Reliable, accessible information collated in a single database to enable tracking and reporting

Our Engagement Models

Deployment of project teams including technical support as required

JMAN Consultants deliver Commercial Insights, Management Information and Data Advisory projects, with support from our development team as required.

Integration into internal teams to support in-house projects & initiatives

JMAN Consultants can integrate seamlessly into internal BI & Data Science teams, to complement & enhance existing capabilities.

Virtual development teams to support the delivery of in-house projects

JMAN Developers can be deployed flexibly and integrated into in-house teams to provide additional capability and resource to deliver projects or maintain BAU processes.

Our Clients

We are trusted by organisations across all sectors, including start-ups, FTSE 100 companies and leading Private Equity Firms.

We also partner with charities to utilise our talent & expertise to help tackle pressing societal issues.

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Our Clients

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We partner with other consultancies and technology platforms which help enable us to deliver for our clients across a range of projects.

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